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Water Analysis Price List

*Kindly note that the above prices are subject to 10% VAT
**Sample collection fees: $5 within a 5 km radius from the lab, on request for greater distance.


Standard Test For Drinking Water
Standard test for drinking water
PH, Turbidity, Salinity, Hardness, Nitrates,
Phosphates Manganese, Iron, Total Coliforms & E. Coli
Standard $42
Including Arsenic test $57
Swimming Pool – Chlorinated
Standard+ Free Chlorine and Copper Methods to be used as applicable $53


E.Coli & Total ColiformsEN ISO 9308-1 at 37.5 C° for 24h$15
EnterobacteriaceaeISO 21528-2 at 35 C° for 24h$15
Total Plate CountISO 4833, incubation at 35 C° for 48h $15
SalmonellaEN/ISO 6579, incubation at 35 C° for 24h $15
Staphylococcus AureusEN/ISO 6888:1, incubation at 37 C° for 48h$15


PHElectronic PH-meter$2
Salinity (TDS and Conductivity)Sens-Ion 5 Probe$2
Total Hardness as (CaCO₃ and MgCO₃)EGTA+EDTA Method with Colorimeter$5
NitriteNitriVer Method with colorimeter$6
Combined Nitrate/NitriteCadmium reduction with Colorimeter$6
Phosphate as PO₄Ascorbic Acid Method with Colorimeter$6
Cyanuric AcidC.A 2 reagent with colorimeter$6
CopperCuVer method $6
IronFerroVer Method with Colorimeter$5
ManganeseOxidation Method with Colorimeter$7
ArsenicHACH Test Kit$15
Free ChlorineDPD Method with Colorimeter$5
Sulfate as SO₄SulfaVer Method with colorimeter$6
Silica as SiO2HACH Silica reagent set$7
FluorideSPANDS Method with Colorimeter$6
ZincZincon Method 2$6
AluminumAluminum Method$7
E. Coli with pH & TurbidityMembrane Filtration, incubation at 37.5 C°$11
Total Coliforms & E.Coli with pH & Turbidity Membrane Filtration, incubation at 37.5 C°$15
Legionella ISO 3896, incubation at 36 C° $60


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