Water for Cambodia

Clean Water, a Human Right not a Luxury

The Problem...

  • Over 50% of the rural Cambodian population does not have access to safe drinking water
  • 20% of the deaths of children under 5 are due to waterborne diseases
children need clean water
Children in need of clean water.

Our Solution

Water for Cambodia builds and installs biosand water filters, household units that produce clean drinking water directly from contaminated sources. With 15,000 filters in place we have brought clean water to more than 90,000 people. In addition to installing water filters, literacy classes and libraries are offered to young village women providing basic reading, writing and math skills. As the primary caregiver they also receive instruction in health, hygiene and the proper use and maintenance of water filters. A water testing lab monitors filter performance. This holistic approach is helping to break the cycle of disease and poverty.

You can make a difference with a donation or by purchasing a filter for a family or village. The smallest contribution can make a tremendous difference in the lives of a whole generation of children.

children sharing clean filtered water
Children drinking filtered water.